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About Us

Franco’s Classic (Showroom) aims to build customer loyalty based on a close relationship and trust, striving for a personalized service of excellence and refinement.

More than just a textile and men's accessories business, Franco’s Classic (Showroom) stands out for marketing its own brand as well as for distributing international brands.

Based on value for money, our client has at his disposal classic, distinct and comfortable pieces in versatile solutions for different occasions.

Our client can find, in textile, the classic pants, the blazer, the shirt and the vest. Accessories include tie, sock, pocket square, papillon, lapel pin, bracelets, berets and caps. We also present an elegant range of five different shoe models.

Franco’s Classic also has a tailoring service that allows its customers to unleash their creativity (or using image consulting services), thus creating a unique, exclusive and tailor-made outfit (Service available exclusively at Showroom - physical store).

Franco’s Classic
intends to contribute to the expansion and promotion of a 100% Portuguese brand.