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- Length of the rods: 63 cm- Umbrella Length: 92 cm- Diameter: 111 cm- Weight: 600 gr- Material: Nickel Plated Metal- Opening: Manual- Number of tips: 8 hoops- Made in Spain..
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Ezpeleta Men's Umbrella Short Classic
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- Length of the rods: 58 cm- Umbrella Length: 48 cm- Diameter: 102 cm- Weight: 700 gr- Material: Steel- Opening: Automatic- Number of sections: 2 sections- Number of tips: 10 hoops- Made in Spain..
Without Tax:34.02€
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Attractive design umbrellas made with the highest quality materials.
Wide variety of models of umbrellas to face rainy days.
Umbrellas with elegant details and finishes, designed as fashion complements.
With automatic as well as manual opening.
Fabrics with different patterns and colors.